Author: Vanessa

Back to School Time

So we have to start our school time rituals again… Over the summer I let my school age daughter – soon to be six – sleep in the bed with us since she didn’t need to get up at any particular time to go to school. We had a routine of climbing into bed and watching “Justice League Unlimited”. This was wonderful because her greatest aspiration in life is to be a super hero when she grows up and we watch and discuss these heroes saving and helping people. I loved this special time with her, so quiet, the...

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Ahhh Summer….

So we are surviving… Summer’s tough – I want to do all the fun stuff that you are supposed to do with kids over the summer. Going to the pool, the park, the beach – but it’s tough to do with 2 kids under 6 and one of those who’s favorite activity is running away from me as fast as she can – and she’s FAST. Scary. Sometimes I think I worry so much that I won’t protect them if we do something or do somewhere that I do a disservice to them by keeping them too “safe”. I know they get bored… I’ll think of something cool to do with them. It’s really hard now that I work over the weekend – Daddy and I are a great team but if we are always separate due to work schedules then only the kids suffer. Maybe I’ll finish up my work early and instead of starting a new batch I’ll take Sunday off so we can be a family. Yup – sounds like a plan to...

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Things I will fight over

Everybody talks about the environment and the national debt and what horrible possibilities lay in our future but while we fall into complacency and mock the caves our parents must have lived in growing up our children are suffering.

I know this because as I wrote out this blog my 5 year old whonked my baby in the head with her toy.

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