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Waking up

I feel like I have been in the throes of a vivid and distorted alternate reality. For about six...

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My interview’s on Momtastic!

Kristi Valentini did a wonderful job putting together our interview and email converstaions into this article. Thanks Kristi! I am so honored to be included in your Working Mom’s series! Ever wonder how you can balance it...

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My brother told me the other day that he wished he could get out and swim laps in the pool in his back yard every day. ???? Ohmahgah! If I had this pool I’d be out here at the crack of dawn with goggles and a paddle board!...

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My baby turned 8….

This has long been one of my favorite images of my daughter and myself.   Of all the photo shoots and photography studios and fancy cameras, this picture, made from a photo booth at a Chuck E. Cheese is the one that...

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I’m on Google+!

Posted by me on Google+ yesterday: My experience so far on Google+ 1) After much searching and begging obtain invitation from relative stranger 2) Join Google+ 3) Immediately see 10 members of my real life inner circle: friends,...

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