So we are surviving… Summer’s tough – I want to do all the fun stuff that you are supposed to do with kids over the summer. Going to the pool, the park, the beach – but it’s tough to do with 2 kids under 6 and one of those who’s favorite activity is running away from me as fast as she can – and she’s FAST. Scary. Sometimes I think I worry so much that I won’t protect them if we do something or do somewhere that I do a disservice to them by keeping them too “safe”. I know they get bored… I’ll think of something cool to do with them. It’s really hard now that I work over the weekend – Daddy and I are a great team but if we are always separate due to work schedules then only the kids suffer. Maybe I’ll finish up my work early and instead of starting a new batch I’ll take Sunday off so we can be a family. Yup – sounds like a plan to me!