How many years have I been working on my book?

My work in progress – first 5 chapters.  New Edits. Comments (nice ones) welcome. There is a link to make the page full screen if what you see is too small to comfortable read.

Consecutive time? Maybe a month or two. But it’s been spread out over at least a year and a half.

I started writing when I thought of a really cool way to kill off a character and based an entire plot around building up to doing just that.

Well now my book has grown and matured and now has things like “subplots” and “character development” that get in the way of a clean linear progression of the story that would lead to this really cool way to kill a bad guy character.

So I got frustrated and passively walked away from the story.

Then the other day Traci (mother extraordinaire) shared with me an article on an independent writer, 26 year old Kindle Wonderkind, Amanda Hocking. Read her blog here, but open it in a new window and come back to me.   She has written over 15 books and self publishes on Amazon. She wrote on her blog that she made over $6,000 one month. That’s good money! I was inspired and immediately started writing my book again, thinking if I could get to that point it would be an amazing supplemet to my family’s monthly income.

Then I looked at the books Amanda had written – turns out she is the Author of the book I am reading RIGHT NOW.

Coincidence? A “sign”? Who knows, but it was a little spooky. Then again the only thing I read these days are what I can get for free or for less than $1.99 on Amazon and since that’s her price point and she is such a prolific writer, odds were in her favor that I’d be reading or have read her work.

I subscribed to Amanda’s blog and periodically go there to get a little inspiration.  In reading deeper into the blog I realized that the original blog post I read about her income was OLD. She made $6,000 in August of 2010.

She was now, present day – April 2011, only 8 months later – A FREAKING MULTI MILLIONAIRE.

Amanda is, in my opinion, a very good writer. She is not, in my opinion, a genius writer, she is a very good writer and all the people out there making ugly noises about her being horrible are just MEAN and probably very jealous. I make my assessment by comparing her writing on the writing done by the entire rest of the world’s – that I’ve read.

She is better at it than most people, she has interesting ideas, and has a novel approach to her characters personalities. Nothing I have read of hers has felt “overdone”. She freely admits that she has had bad experience with the editors she has hired, but I think what she’s produced – independently and as a self taught auto-publisher – has been very impressive. I have not regretted a penny I spent on her work or the time I dedicated to reading it.

Reading her “what I’ve done” articles on her blog has given me some big ideas about what I will do when my book is done. “ARC”s (Advance Reader Copies) to websites that review and recommend books, if they’ll have me, is a brilliant idea!! I don’t want to just plop my baby down in the Amazon Marketplace and hope that a million people drop $0.99 on a kindle version….

I want buzz.

So when the first of this series is published, by me, on Amazon – I will BEG any and all of you to spend a buck and read it and leave an honest review. If you hate it, say you hate it, if you love it TELL EVERYONE!  Even if a book only costs $0.99 I still check the reviews.  Less than 10 4 or 5 star reviews and I keep my dollar.

Here are a few of Amanda’s books – click on any of them to check them out on  You don’t need an actual Kindle to read Kindle edition books anymore, they have apps for iphones and ipads and Androids and Macs and PCs. There is really NO reason to pay for a physical book anymore. As I’ve said before my Kindle has paid for it’s self in the money I’ve saved on e-books.


If Amanda checks her Ping-backs or ever Googles herself I hope she finds this article and really understands that she has been an inspiration to me, and I am glad she has had every success she’s achieved and I am so glad she got such great press for victories! If she hadn’t then my book would probably still be sitting, collecting the proverbial dust, in the virtual file folder of my computer.

Thanks Amanda!