My mother told me today:

You are either very talented or those teachers at Sips-n-Strokes are really good at telling you what to do…

I choose to believe the former – while the latter is true as well.

Visit to get the low down on the process but here’s the Cliff’s Notes version.

Go online, Pic a picture you want to re-create, sign up to go there the day they are painting it.

Show up, B.Y.O.B. (all booze is allowed), follow artist’s directions.

Leave with a pretty awesome painting all your own.

I LOVE IT. It’s my new “thing”. Having existed in a world where I felt artistically stunted my entire life being able to produce these paintings is exhilarating. I’ve done three paintings so far and every time I go I get better.

I’ve never chosen the painting, I just show up when my friends are going. It doesn’t matter to me what I’m painting – I just like being there with my friends, painting.

Here’s my Angel with Baby in three easy steps.

If you ever wanna go – I’ll be there. Just tell me when!