I have, oh so ambitiously, decided to take my own family portraits this Christmas. I say that as if I have let others take them in the past. I haven’t. We don’t have any Christmas portraits. Or ANY family portraits for that matter.

Wait – we got one out in Arizona when we went out there for Thanksgiving/meet my long lost adopted sister. But that’s a different story and I don’t have a digital copy of it so why bring it up to begin with. Forgive me.

I have avoided cameras for about 7 years now. There are a few pictures out there in the universe of me that I have approved and allow to see the light of day. But not many.

I decided that it’s really sad for my kids. What if something happened to me? They may never know what I looked like.

Also – I will love the comparison ability once I shrink down to 1/2 of a current me.

So I have purchased complimentary outfits for Anslee and Ava (don’t all successful projects begin with a cash infusion? I am destined to succeed! I spent $55 on two dresses they will only wear once!) and I figure Mike and I can wing it and come up with some cranberry red tops to wear with black pants.

Now all I need is to a) find a time where all us gals can get our hair looking spiffy b) get my mom ready/willing/able to capture our glorious images with my camera and c) figure out how I want us all to sit.

You’d think it wouldn’t be such a big deal. Be there. Look pretty. Smile. Done.


I want a charming, funny, unforgettable, adorable pose that will capture the joy, love, happiness, spontaneity of my family so I can smack it on a photo card, send it out to everyone I know and have them be so amused they choose OUR card to stay on the mantel.

Look up – see that bar up there. Yup. That’s where I set it.

So here are some of the ideas I’ve used as starting points for what I think will be cute ideas, once I get through with them.

I’d want this one done with each of us doing one letter. Wish me luck with Ava.

If you have any amazing ideas that you don’t mind if I steal PLEASE! leave a comment, send me a message, post a link to an image.  I’m on a time table here.

Apparently – Time waits for no man and I can’t reschedule Christmas just cuz I couldn’t get my act together….