I got my Christmas wish! A new HTC G2 with slide out keyboard for Tmobile. (a cell phone) and I am sooooo pleased.

I am a huge fan of all things Apple (just made the connection of the logo and “Macintosh” – Macintosh is a type of apple, I felt like a dumbdumb but how many people really know apples besides Granny Smith And Red Delicious? REALLY!) and I really really really thought I wanted an Iphone. For years.

The first time Mike and I considered switching from our beloved T-Mobile (who we have been with since they were Voicestream and Jamie Lee Curtis was the spokeswoman. Then Catherine Zeta Jones. Then the NBA) for AT&T and their exclusive contract with Apple Iphones was 2008.  To keep us with them T-Mobile offered Mike and I the G-1 at new customer pricing. I hadn’t heard of Android or the G-1 so I jumped online and learned all I could about this new and, supposedly, amazing phone medium.

It sounded awesome, so I bought it, literally and figuratively. We stuck with T-Mobile and got on the waiting list for the G-1.

They came, we were thrilled, they did cool things, had cool apps, I liked the keyboard, etc. etc. and  I was satisfied.

And when my 18 month old daughter grabbed it, ran down the hall, and fell on her little face and smashed the screen I replaced my standard black G1 with the new and sexy white G1.

The next year we upgraded to the Android MyTouch for T-Mobile. Closer to the Iphone in that it didn’t have a keyboard. No other notable changes really.

Still remained a rather satisfied Android devotee.

Till I got an Ipod touch for Valentine’s day 2010.

It was so FAST. And Sleek. And PRETTY! The apps were so polished, the email was so easy to navigate and it WAS SO FAST! The screen was so big and the on screen keyboard was so responsive.

I fell into an “I want an Iphone” spiral that continued for months and months. I tried to get AT&T service pricing negotiated down to a price so low that I could rationalize voiding our contracts with T-Mobile and paying the penalties, buying both of us new phones and carrying the AT&T service…. (I was not able to accomplish that – not even close).  I whimpered every time I saw someone using the Iphone.  My boss got the Iphone4 – He even let me hold it for a minute….  I was so jealous I almost cried a little. Almost.

I carried my little Ipod touch with me everywhere. I found Google Voice which let me text message if I had Wifi. I found “Words With Friends” and the SIMS game and I was convinced that if it were just a phone too it would be the perfect little thing.

Then, one day, I saw a commercial for the G2.

I was intrigued.  I started really thinking of the pros and cons – Android VS. Iphone….  Widgets. Wallpaper. Syncing with Google for functionality online as well as the phone. 4G. Cheaper service.

What was I really missing on my phone that an Iphone would give me? A larger screen and a faster processor.

Guess what the G2 had.

Yup.  A screen the exact same size as the Iphone and a processor so fast it’s like a laptop in my hot little hand.

The onscreen keyboard has Swype, which is so friggin awesome I can’t even begin to tell you. You think it’s gonna be cool, and then you do it, and then ITS FRIGGIN AWESOME. I am currently running 24 programs simultaneously, widgets, email, contacts, dialer, wifi sync, etc, and there is absolutely NO DELAY when I decide I want it to actually be a phone and I go to dial a number – it just DOES IT!

I took a picture of my kid (which looked like a photo taken with my kick ass Nikon – no lie) saved it, and uploaded it to Facebook  – with a caption written with Swype – In less than 2 minutes.  The camera has A FLASH!!!! And zoom and it can automatically adjust exposure based on light condition. Sweet.

Pop out the standard QWERTY keyboard and there you’ve got the offset keys – just like typing on a keyboard at home/work, quick keys that are shortcuts to almost any function you have on your phone (I set mine up to be 1. Facebook 2. email and 3. my calendar) Also cool – they have a button that is exclusively “www.” or “.com” (depending on the use of the shift key) and a button jsut for “@” .  I thought that was pretty cool.

It feels heavy and sturdy in your hand – not like a plastic toy phone that you buy your kids at Big Lots, so that’s really nice.  It has a slick gun metal finish that looks great – but since I am such a fantastic klutz mine is protected with a rubberized hard shell.  I do want to have this phone functioning for a while.

At least till they come out with the G3.