I originally set up the Nessarox Facebook account as an “App” so that one could log into my website with their facebook credentials, and also so I could have a “tab” that streamed my blog’s content.

Facebook promised that the “App” would act like a “Page”.  It does not.  I wanted to just convert my app over to a page but then I would lose the cool stuff the app does.

I need both.

But you have all “Like”d me on my “App” page.

Now I need you to like me on my “Page” page.

You see my problem, eh?

Here’s the link to my new Facebook “Page” page. Back in the day you could be my “Fan”, which I prefer, but I am totally old school.

You can click “Like” right here and it will apply to Facebook. It will be as if Nessarox is your “Friend” and my statuses will post in your activity stream.

It’d make my day.