I know it’s a little over done – the whole blogger’s “Favorites Friday” but I don’t care. There are things that I think are Freeking Awesome and I have a need to share them with you. So….

here are a few of my favorite things. (and yes, all images are links to more info)

1) Dyson Air Multiplier.

How cool is this thing? Seriously.

Mike knows me so well that the first time I saw that suave little Brit come on the TV with his Vacuum Voice to tell me about how all my life I have been suffering through buffering air I hear Mike say – “Oh Man, I hoped you wouldn’t see this commercial. I knew you’d want one.”

He could not have been more correct. I now feel such animosity towards my little swivel fans and their incessant buffering. I loathe them.



2) The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxset

Unless you have been living under a rock – or just not reading my blog – you know that I am whole heartedly endorsing the purchase of the trilogy “The Hunger Games”. They need to be read in quick succession, where one book closes the next book opens, they are more like one story in three bindings than three books. It is also more economical to purchase them in the box set than three individual books anyway.

– OR –



3) Kindle Wi-Fi or Kindle Wi-Fi +3G

My personal preference – the Kindle removes the whole “Get to the bookstore” problem. You think of a book you want – it’s yours – in hand – in less than 25 seconds. It has totally eradicated my “but I don’t have a book to read on the treadmill – so I won’t get on the treadmill” excuse. Which can sound like a bad thing but I keep telling my self that it’s not.

One note tho – I recommend the 3G version. The wireless only version is cheaper but I have the 3G and can tell you honestly – I have bought more books where there is no public wi-fi than not. If I have Wi-fi I am sitting in front of a computer and can buy a kindle book on Amazon.com.



4)  Seeing a Pattern?   Dyson DC25 Ball All-Floors Upright Vacuum Cleaner I want one so badly I can hardly stand it. Mike insists that one must vacuum regularly to deserve a $400 vacuum.  I do not disagree. But a part of me believes that this particular vacuum would be so… so…… AWESOME that I wouldn’t be able to restrain myself from vacuuming at least twice a day!  What? You’re not buying that logic either. Oh well – worth a shot.

5) Snuggle hugs

6) Having people I love laugh at my jokes.

7) Checking my stats and seeing that people from more than 15 countries have read my thoughts.

8 ) Having my Mother and Father (separately as they are so very very separate) tell me that they believe that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. Even as an adult we need to hear that.

9) Being told that my kid’s doing great in school and that she’s also doing great at taking care of her teeth – all in the same day! (by different authority figures, of course.)

10) Rizzoli and Isles. I love Angie Harmon so much.


11) Tweetcaster for Android.  I love this Twitter app, it is so stinkin’ SLICK! I don’t know how I feel about the fact that the reviews say “It’s so nice you’d think it was for Iphone not Android” and such nonsense. Android phones are awesome. I just wish the screens were more touch receptive and a little larger like the Iphone – but I have found I actually prefer my Tmobile Android (myTouch) more that the Iphone operating system. Imagine that.



12) Putting on pants and having the waist be a little looser.

13) Having a husband that never stopped thinking I was beautiful.

14) being only 10 days away from being a non smoker for a FULL YEAR.

15) Coach. One of each, please. Thankyouverymuch.