I am alternating my time between child care (most important!) Writing and Reading a book on – writing – by Steven King. He is so funny and smart and I think highly underrated as an intellectual. I think he has one of the most creative, imaginative and entertaining minds in our and many other generations. I know everyone thinks he’s wildly popular, he even calls himself the Big Mac of literary meals. But he has insights into the human condition that I believe few others do. Just because he writes science fiction (my favorite genre, by the way) and horror doesn’t make him any less brilliant.

Uncle Steve (as he refers to himself when referring to himself) says to write 2,000 words a day. Treat it like a job. Get up in the morning and go to work. Write for 6 days a week for 3 months. You then have a first draft. Now go back and mercilessly cut out 10%.


I am sitting here looking at my (almost) 5,000 words on 6 8×10 pages single spaced and I can’t imaging cutting 1%! What have I put down that is not intrinsic to my story? What string of words that I have carefully selected can be reduced to just one and convey what I want the reader to feel?!?!?

I can only hope and imagine that when I sit there staring at 300 pages double spaced I will be more “OK” with shortening it.

I have this story all mapped in my head, I have faith that it’s enough for a book but the hugeness of ALL THOSE WORDS… it’s intimidating.

I am now beginning to understand, though, what authors talk about when they say that they write because they want to know what’s going to happen in the story. As I write it’s as if I am being told the story by my sub conscience (I totally get where “Muses” in mythology come from now) It’s not a coherent thought. Sometimes I actually close my eyes and just type as I see the story unfold.

I haven’t struggled over the plot or had writers block or felt defeated yet (wow, day 3 and I’m still motivated, amazing) but I fear it. I am really not big with the “stick with it” and the “perseverance” I’m more an instant gratification kind of gal…

So enough delay. If I’m bangin on this keyboard I should be producing a story not a blog, so Ta Ta for now my lovelies. I’ll write more later.

One thing that I want to add that I thought was hysterical. My husband said to me last night “Just because you’re writing a book doesn’t mean you have to start using all those words you know.”

HA! It’s as if the literary brain in my had atrophied and picking over the words I want to use to mold this world I’m creating has sent a little zap through my brain and awoken it. And if feels great to stretch those muscles again!