In Georgia if there is a quarter inch of snow PREDICTED (it does not have to have already fallen from the heavens) the entire state grinds to a screeching halt. We, as a state, have a hard time driving in a heavy RAIN storm so the thought of frozen precipitation strikes an unholy fear into the hearts and minds of southerners.

The grocery stores run out of bread and milk in moments (because nothing gets you through a winter storm like Milk Sandwiches) and bottled water and toilet paper are the next to go. With enough warning we could pillage a Publix in 36 hours leaving a wake of crushed boxes and dripping egg cartons littering the isles.

Winter storms make our parents do crazy things, like my dad inviting me, my husband and children to stay with him. For up to four days. In his NOT child proofed house.  In case we lost power he had a gas  fireplace and a gas stove, we could stay warm and eat.

This was a serious consideration.

I’ve not, in my lifetime, experienced a winter storm in Georgia that actually kept us in our houses and off the streets for more than 36 hours, never seen schools closed for more than two days.

Seems like that record is about to get broken.

I awoke Monday morning to 14 inch snow drifts on my front stoop.  The line of demarcation where the yard crosses the curb and becomes the road was missing. There was no Georgia slush one could probably drive through – it was a sea of white – and when Mike tried to measure the snow to an accurate depth he made a starteling discovery – the top inch of the snow, wasn’t snow, it was ice.

We were, for the first time ever, really truly not a freaking out Southerner kind of stuck but actually and for reelz – trapped.

The kids played for a while but they have been bred and trained to not appreciate the cold  so thankfully our winter play lasted only about half an hour. Since then we have done nothing.  We have been so lazy.  We have watched movies, eaten junk food, lazed around, played games….

We have not – run errands, rushed to get anywhere on time, worried about appointments, tried to make deadlines, or kept to any kind of schedule.

I have slept in, I have jogged on the treadmill for as long as I wanted (did my first 10K today!) and then took a hot shower for as long as I wanted.

I haven’t done my hair or make up.

I have snuggled with my kids.

I have snuggled with my husband.

I have seriously, thoroughly, completely loved being trapped.

We had enough food (milk and bread a plenty). Our power stayed on, thankfully.

And I have my fingers crossed that the weather men are right. That they are not just being alarmists and inducing panic to up their ratings (in Georgia the news station’s ratings are never higher than if there is a “weather event”).

I sincerely hope that their predictions are true and we are stuck here, with each other, with no distractions, with no schedules, with no reason to try to leave.  Because here, right here – right now – is the only place I want to be.

And as I sat here writing I see that the snow has started up again and I received a text message from the school system, school is cancelled tomorrow, and I get another snow day.  Here’s to hoping we set the record and really are stuck here till Thursday.

Maybe then I’ll be ready to get unstuck…..

But probably not.