Posted by me on Google+ yesterday: My experience so far on Google+ 1) After much searching and begging obtain invitation from relative stranger 2) Join Google+ 3) Immediately see 10 members of my real life inner circle: friends, family, MY MOTHER are already members. 4) Disown them all for not inviting me. 5) Forgive them – they are, after all, the only people I KNOW ON GOOGLE+

For Google Fan Girls (and boys… mostly boys…) Google+’s launch is a huge. For Hipster-Techies it’s huge. For people like me who just can’t stand not getting an invite to any party, regardless of whether or not they actually want to attend, it’s HUGE.

For everyone else… meh.

I don’t think it’s a revolution in social media. I think it’s a new cool thing that improves on what’s already out there. Innovation, rather than invention. Remember when Facebook didn’t have ads on every free square inch of screen? Just a beautiful sea of blue and white? That’s Google+, except with a black and white color palate.

From what I have experienced as a casual user it’s an advancement in functionality and in ease of control. I’l try to describe as best I can with the only social media language I know: Facebookian.

All the communication happens on the main screen. There’s not a “Messages” tab and you don’t go to your friends page to communicate. If you want to talk to one individual start writing as if you were making a “Status Update” but below the content field is where the Google+ magic happens – you choose who to share this information with. Here is where you would type the individual’s name so that this message, while posted on your “Wall” is only visible to that one person.

“Chat” is now Hanging Out – and it’s Video chat. Yeah. I’m not doing that.

“Like” is Now +1

Google +1

Every Single Thing you +1 out in the interwebs get’s listed on your very own +1 page – unless you make it private. (Things – statuses, comments, links, pictures, etc.- that you +1 inside Google+ don’t show up here – just websites, search results, etc. Here’s my +1 tab Fascinating so far, eh?

Google has made sharing information and posts a function as well – forgive me for jumping social media mediums mid-analogy but now you can basically “Re-Tweet” “Statuses”. See a video/link/status/post that you like? Click SHARE (next to the +1 under every single post) and that item will appear in your stream as posted by you, but shared by the original poster. (All based on permissions set along the way by all involved)

If you’re working in Google Docs, Checking your Gmail, or texting out from your Google Voice inbox – from ANY Google page actually – your notifications are always there. Always. Right there in the upper right hand corner of your internet page. AND there’s no need to go back to the Google+ page, click on the notification and a drop down opens that will show you the comment/+1/message etc and you can respond to it right there.

There is also a “Notifications” section inside Google+ proper that looks like it’s own “stream” – instead of links to the item it shows a feed of them all right there. I +1 that. I like seeing everything in context as opposed to jumping back and forth.

There’s a “Sparks” Section – It’s like “Like”ing topics, and no one else can see what you “Spark”. I haven’t Sparked anything yet…

There’s an “Incoming” Section – Google Says: “These posts were shared with you by people who aren’t in your circles. Add people you want to follow and share with (and hide stuff you’re not interested in).” This hasn’t happened to me yet. I get so excited every time I’m notified that someone added me that I immediately pop in and put them in a circle.

The mobile app for Android (Google’s operating system for mobile devices for you non geeks) has been really great as well. The only things I’ve found I can’t do, that I’ve wanted to do, is “Share” posts from the mobile app to my stream and perform a manual refresh. For some reason that option just isn’t available. And manually refreshing/updating. It occurs to me that pushing a manual Sync with my entire Google account. I can force my phone to sync my calendar, contacts, mail etc it would stand to reason that Google+ would update with that as well.

I’ll have to give that a spin.

Mashable Has published a fantastic “Google+ Cheat Sheet” I don’t know if they created it, but I found it on their website so I’ll give them credit.

Google+ Cheat Sheet

As you can see, I’ve given all my pages their own little +1 icons. I anticipate that very soon all the places that you see this Likeand this tweet you will soon be seeing this right along side them Go ahead and click it and add me to your +1 screen.