I didn’t think so….

But then Amazon goes and does something so…. so…. reasonable! So intuitive! So OBVIOUS!

They made it so you can lend your kindle books to others.

Don’t tell Amazon but I had handed over my kindle ID and Password to a few of my friends giving them the restriction to not read the same book I was reading but giving them free reign over the other 365 books I have in my “Kindle Cloud”, but now I can do it with permission!

Since you can download a program or app to any PC, Mac, Iphone, Ipod touch, Ipad, Android phone or tablet the days of only reading Kindle books if you have a Kindle account are long past.

I can only image that Amazon made the change because they had to, not because they wanted to.

These are the deets from techie-buzz.com:

Amazon has finally decided to give users more authority over books they purchased for their Kindle. Users can now lend eligible Kindle books to their friends for a term of 14 days. Not every book can be loaned right now, the privilege comes from the author and/or the publishers. During the loan period, the original user would not be able to access or read the book.

The recipient, who is borrowing the book, does not need a Kindle device to read the book since these books can also be read through the Kindle apps for PC, MAC, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone and Android. To lend the book, go to book’s product detail page on Amazon.com and enter the name, email address and an optional message for the borrower. If you are the borrower, you have to accept the book loan within 7 days or the request will be cancelled. Once accepted, you have 14 days to enjoy the book.

And some more info from venturebeat.com

Lending Kindle ebooks seems simple enough. You can loan a book via the “Manage Your Kindle” section of your Amazon account settings. Or, even easier, you can just click the “Loan this book” link from the product page of an ebook you’ve already purchased. Amazon gives recipients seven days to claim loaned ebooks. …

Loan recipients can return a book early via their “Manage Your Kindle” interface, and those loaning the books can keep an eye on the status of the loan there as well. Another technicality: Amazon says that loans can only be initiated by US customers at the moment, and international borrowers won’t be able to accept the loan if the ebook isn’t available in their country.

Missing at this point is the ability to loan books directly from Kindle devices or apps, instead of just being limited to loaning via the web. I suspect that will arrive eventually.

Don’t get me wrong – if I had the financial means I would totally be loaning you all books from my home library:

But until I hit the lotto or publish my own book (have you read the first few chapters? Available HERE) I will continue to read and loan books on and from my Kindle.  🙂