I must read when I run.  If I don’t read then I don’t run. If my Kindle is dead and I have no book then I will feel sorry for my self and go take a long shower instead of climbing the pseudo mountain of my inclined treadmill.

Mike is moving the treadmill into the former master bed room/former children’s playroom/current exercise room (are floor plans this fluid in all houses?) in front of a T.V.  I don’t think this will change my habits. I mean, I’ll probably be able to run and watch T.V. if I have no reading material but my entertainment of choice, I think, will remain literary masterpieces. You know; Sci-fi fantasy.

Mom says the books I read are too complicated. She can’t keep up with who’s a Vampire, who’s a Witch. And in this book can Vampires be out in the sun?  Is this one a Pixie or a Fairy. Why are these Fairies tall like people but those Fairies are small and wing-ed.

I’m all like “DUH! Kim Harrison’s Vampires can go out in the sun if they are “Living Vamps” but Laurel K. Hamilton’s are purely nocturnal – unless they are taking power from Anita’s Ardure or she is controlling them with her necromancy. OMG!”

Then I think. Wow. I am a really huge nerd.

Then I get over it. I don’t care.

Speaking of “Her Awesomeness” My favorite author, Kim Harrison, has a new Rachel Morgan book coming out. Pale Demon. So excited. It won’t be here till next spring and I can’t wait.  I decided I was going to re-read her entire Rachel series to tide me over.  I also decided to tell her. I love that she’s on Facebook.  You may remember that she and I had some interaction before…. See here

Today’s convo (Click to enlarge):

Burning Bunnies??? you ask?

From  http://kimharrison.wordpress.com/burning-bunnies/
Burning bunnies are how I think of ideas.  Soft cuddly ideas that seem so innocent and sweet.  I take them in and feed them carrots.  I pet them and talk to them.  They look so cute sitting on my desk.  Until they flame up and start procreating into more ideas, which I frantically chase about my office until I corral them with pen and ink, jam them in a box, and ship them off to New York.  I don’t know what New York does with them, but they end up proliferating even more until there is no choice but to bind them in paper and send them everywhere to get rid of them.  Unsuspecting people see them sitting on the shelf.  They look so sweet and innocent, and they’re taken home where, if they’re lucky, they’re fed carrots.  If luck stays with them, even more ideas are born.  And that’s pretty cool.
In an effort to recognize readers and fans at conferences and signings, (and like-minded readers to find each other) I have created little lapel pins of metal and colored enamel in the image of my burning bunny.  They are small (less than an inch tall) and innocuous, but it always brings me a smile when I spot them in the crowd.


So I plan on sporting my Burning Bunny pin proudly on my shirt as I plow through both the 2.5 – 3.0 miles of uphill track I cover in the morning AND her Rachel Morgan novels.

I miss Rachel and Ivy and Jenks, and Trent… I even miss Al. I miss Kisten a lot. That will be hard to read again.  I just love the world she has created – I want to live there! I want to write so well that other people want to live in my worlds like I want to be in hers.

And if they ever make movies about the Hollows I will totally run while I watch them on the telly.