Anyone out there have the Tmobile HTC G2? Anyone out there have the screen randomly abandon you and leave you holding a $500 paperweight?

yeah, me too.

T-Mobile-G1 White

Turns out this fantastic phone (not sarcasm, I really do love it) has this glitchy thing it does, that Tmobile is fully aware of – the screen for no apparent reason just dies.

I did the usual/intuitive things to fix it – I charged the battery, I removed and replaced the battery and sim card, I waited and thought maybe it would fix itself… to no avail.

I was afraid that I had voided the warranty and would have to drop another $500 on a new phone – it should be noted that I had not knowingly or intentionally done anything that would void the warranty – I just assume that that’s my luck…

I had stuck my phone into what I call my “Bra Pocket” and cleaned the house so there was a sliiiiiigggghhhtttt risk of humidity damage… know what I mean?

So I was hesitant to call up Tmobile.


t-mobile-g1 black

Turns out all my worry for naught. I wasn’t on the phone with Customer Service for more than 5 minutes before they told me they were shipping me out a new G2 for friz-ee. (Ground shipping of course) and they informed me I could get a loaner phone from any Tmobile store! ($53 refundable deposit if loaned is returned with in 2 weeks. Do you know how long it’s been since I had a non-smart-cell-phone??? Like 6 years. I don’t know what to do with this little thing!!!! Oh yeah – make and receive phone calls).

The whole thing gives me a Fight Club vibe. The manufacturer, HTC, and the distributor, Tmobile, know about the faulty screen, but they send little Edward Norton out to investigate the crashes and then they analyze to see if a recall of all the devices or a lawsuit would be more expensive.

Not that anyone is suing over being with out a (smart)phone for a week, but you know what I mean.

I searched the interwebs and every single result for “G2 Screen blank” was the same story as mine – and ever single case was resolved by Tmobile shipping them out a new phone, post haste.

Kinda makes me regret how super careful I was to not chip the finish or scratch the screen.


I’ve always loved Tmobile and sworn up and down that they had the best customer service and this event was no different.

I loath to see how it’s effected by AT&T’s acquisition.  Best Customer Service + Worst Customer Service = my new cell phone provider. SUPER. At least this happened before the great merge.


All said and done – if you found this post because, like me, you were hoping that there was some miracle answer to fix your G2 screen black out – there isn’t. Something bad lives inside the G2 and you can’t exorcise it with a system reboot. It’s hardware – not software related.

The good news is Tmobile will send you another one – just call 611 from your handset (hahahaha…..) and they won’t even ask you any personal questions like – did you drop it in the can after you pee’d or do you shove it in your bra and let boob sweat steam it all up?


They just drop ship you a new one.