Okay Masses, I implore you – I need something good to read. Something fun, preferably sci-fi or fantasy. Something that will keep me glued to the pages so hiking up a pretend hill at 3.5 -4.5 mph on my treadmill will be bearable.

I don’t want to get on the treadmill with nothing good to read, but I HAVE to get on the treadmill – at least 5 times a week by my calculations. I want to lose 10 pounds a month for almost a year – so you do the math. NOT getting on the treadmill is NOT going to get me to that goal.

I am thinking about reading “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” but something is holding me back from starting it. That sounds silly doesn’t it. It’s a hugely popular book – famous all over the world for being amazing, and I just don’t have the urge to read it. Whatever – that’s dumb.  I will say that  crime novels aren’t my preference, so maybe that’s the glitch.

I’ve started reading Anne Rice’s Angel time:

And it has a sequel that’s done and just sitting there ready for me when I’m done with Angel Time:

So I keep reading it, hoping it will trap me and drive me to the pages – but, alas…. nope. It’s just slow…. maybe it will pick up and get exciting, I mean – it is about a contract killer who get’s an intervention from an Angel – sounds heart pounding, doesn’t it???? But so far, and I’d say I’m 1/3 into it, it’s not treadmill material.

So if you have any recommendations, I am all ears… I need the motivation!