Okay – First thing – How awesome is it that Lane Bryant is now making, well – selling anyways, shoes and boots?

Totally Awesome.

If you are a large calved girl (you don’t have to be plus sized to be large calved – even when I am super thin my calves are still so muscular that I have to be picky about the boots I wear.)

And don’t get me started on sexy heels – I thought they went the way of the dodo for my feet after my last baby. They say your feet get bigger. Well – mine flattened right out and went from a nice sexy standard width to a “loose circulation in my feet when I wear normal heals” wide.

So when I was at the store wide 40% off sale buying a round of Extra long Camisoles at Lane Bryant one day (because they are the best thing ever invented. They go under EVERY outfit I wear. EVERY day.)


<– In black, White and Grey. I got 2 of each and then an extra 2 black.


In about 15 different colors

& a cute little v-neck—->.


(Click Image to go to website)

While I was there I see that in the back of the store by the dressing room there’s a shoe bench and shoe mirror. You know what I’m talking about  – the little mirrors on the floor at an angle that let you see only your shoe – not how it goes with the outfit – just. the. shoe.  There was also a sign “Coming Soon”.

Needless to say I am so excited and mark my calendar for the day the shoes arrive.

When all was said and done I had 1 pair of ballet flats, 1 pair of riding boots, 3 pairs of heels and The. Best. Boots. Ever.

(Click Image to go to website)

They are so comfy. Side zipper all the way down, hug my calf but don’t squish it. They have a nice heal that looks good but you don’t feel like your wobbly on your toes. Seriously – best purchase I’ve made in years.

Now I just need a few more outfits to wear with them – and no – I will not be getting “jeggings.”