Me. Vanessa. Nessarox.

Well, what do you want to know? I’ll start with “Nessarox”.
When I was 18 and the internet was just starting out I found out about this thing called “email”. What’s this? I can type notes to friends, bloody amazing!

But you need a “User Name”. What’s a “User Name”? My name is Vanessa, my friends call me Nessa. “Vanessa” is unavailable at as a user name. As is “Nessa”.

What’s a gal to do? I had zero experience making up aliases and was stumped. So I threw on “rox” at the end of “Nessa” and it was accepted.

And I became “Nessarox.”

It’s a silly little self congratulatory name that I have grown to love. It’s been the constant through out my web life. I no longer use Yahoo mail but all my friends still know me as Nessarox.

I’ve even had old friends find me after years and years (before Facebook and Myspace, etc.) by googling “Nessarox” and finding some little nothing do it yourself website I made a milllion years ago.

Since High School Musical came out I’ve had some competition. Vanessa Hudgenson has a lot of fans who think that she ROX. So I’m not the only one.

And…. Nessaroxxx. Well. She is not me and that is not my page.

So, It was natural that, after building my company’s web page, when I had the bug to carve a niche for myself on the internet – I named my page Nessarox.  I don’t consider myself a rock star. I’m not arrogant and conceited and think that I’m the bee’s knees. It’s a silly little word that I made up when I was a kid when Yahoo told me that they wouldn’t call me Vanessa.

And it stuck.

I’m an over 30, under 40, mother of 2.

I am a wife to a gorgeous, infuriating, supportive, sarcastic, control freak, loyal and loving husband.

Who, by the way, is really smokin hot.

I work for my best friend’s ex husband in an office where my husband is a project coordinator/foreman.

So that’s fun.

I love to read and write, I don’t know which one I love more.

I am not afraid of a little shameless self promotion.

I want to publish my novel. I want you to read it: here.

If you are a literary agent or publisher -I want you to call me! Let’s do lunch!

I love my kids more than reading and writing put together. They are the epicenter of my world and every single thing I do, from working hard everyday to provide for them, to losing weight and getting healthy, to quitting smoking and putting the weight back on and starting over again with the weight loss, I do for them.

All for them.

Sometimes I need a push  –  Mike reminds me that he married me for a lifetime, not for a few years until I die of a heart attack and emphysema. He says he wants a long healthy life with me.

All for them.

I try to love everything about my life everyday. Sometimes I fail. Sometimes my day’s are hard and sad and frustrating and I have to hold on so tightly to little nuggets of happiness like a puppy kiss from Ava or Anslee singing me the song she wrote, and remember that this day too shall pass. I remember that all days are limited. I try to absorb memories of my family into my brain, to etch them into my mind’s eye because I know I will desperately want to recall this one moment exactly as it is one day. So far it hasn’t worked. So I take a lot of pictures.

And… for some reason sharing all these things with anonymous internet friends and strangers fulfills something in me. I don’t pretend to know what or why, but I like it.

I hope you like the things I share, please take a look around, explore my little web-world, leave comments to let me know you were here and what you thought, I love love love comments!  If you’ll keep reading, I’ll keep writing.

And just think – when I get discovered, and my novel is published, and I’m on a book tour  –  tell me you “knew me when” and I’ll sign your copy:

“Thanks for the love,

Love, Nessarox”