By Vanessa Roberts.  Yet another work in progress.

Here are the first four chapters of my novel, Rule #1, A Riley Rayne Novel.

Please let me know what you think – My mother says that I live off postive feedback and praise like a Vampire lives off blood. I do not dissagree with her. She says if enough people tell me this is good then I’ll keep working on it. I don’t disagree with that statement either…  So leave some comments, Tell me it’s great, tell me it’s good, but if you tell me it’s bad – be gentle, I am fragile.

I hope you like it:

(You have the option to download the file to your computer as a PDF, open it in a new window or view it here on this page. It takes a minute to load so don’t give up on me, just hang tight.)

Download (PDF, 80KB)