This is what I’m reading now. Not since my Twilight indulgences have I been so hooked into a book. I downloaded it to kindle because 1) I had seen it so many times in the press 2) it has 2 sequels and I always try to find series books so that I have an “auto – next” to read and 3) I couldn’t think of anything else.

It’s months until the next Kim Harrison Hollows book comes out – Pale Demon – can’t wait! LOVE HER! AND she responds to her fans (ME!) on Facebook – Oh, you want proof? – Oh, I’ve got your proof:

Yes, I do know that this screen shot of a Facebook interaction also proves that I am a huge dork and should never. EVER. be allowed around celebrities.

And, while I still read Anita Blake and Merry Gentry Novel by Laurel K. Hamilton They have so much history that has to be covered and refreshed in the readers mind that I end up skipping huge chunks of pages because I already remember what happened.

So I have been on the prowl for a new brain stretching, awe inspiring, make the creative juices flowing book to read.

And oh man, did I find it.

I have Kindle reader on my Mytouch Tmobile Android phone, My Ipod Touch, My Mac at work and my  PC at home, and, oh yeah, the Kindle that stays with me at all times, and all five of my devices I have The Hunger Games synced up and ready to go for any opportunity to grab 5 minutes of read – time.

The first quarter of the book broke my heart. I was on the tread mill huffing away at my brisk 3.5 mile per hour power walk up a fake hill and was trying not to fall off as I started tearing up and then actually crying! You think it’s hard to walk an read when you are only wiping SWEAT from your eyes?!?!

Before the action even starts Suzanne Collins masterfully and artfully shows you who her main character is; Katniss Everdeen.  I hugely admire the way her story evolves organically.  She doesn’t TELL you things about her character’s character, she lets the story illustrate her choices and so you see and feel and believe in the reality of this little girl.

I love the completeness of the world they live in, a far off sci-fi future that is as horrible as you can possibly imagine. Ruled by tyrants and far removed elite Katniss makes a life for her starving family in one of twelve districts, her’s being the most desolate. Suzanne again shows us the world, the differences in social classes and the changes that North America has undergone over the past few hundred years. It’s engulfing, alternately devastatingly sad and then laugh out loud funny, it’s a world I don’t think I’d be strong enough to survive, but I am loving visiting it from my safe cozy reading chair. Or while standing in line. Or while on hold on the phone. Or while stirring pasta noodles….

I can’t wait to finish it and start on the sequels. Since it is a trilogy and not a never ending series like Mrs. Hamilton and Mrs. Harrison’s works I should pace my self, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

Please note – I am consciously and intentionally leaving this post WITH OUT ending it with a “I’m too hungry for more” or “Can’t stop reading, I’m starving for more of the story” or any other horrible litterary pun.

You’re welcome.