Crossed (Matched, #2)
author: Ally Condie
name: Vanessa
average rating: 3.51
book published: 2011
rating: 4
read at: 2011/12/12
date added: 2011/12/12
Fantastic follow up to the first novel in this series, Matched. I loved every word of Matched and waited anxiously for the release of Crossed but when it was released the reviews on Amazon made me hesitant to spend the $9.99 I had planned on dropping the moment the Kindle version was released. The reviews panned the sophomore effort and complained that the "Society Presence" was missing, that the ending was anticlimactic.

I decided to judge for myself and purchased Crossed and loved every moment of it as well.

Like any middle book in a trilogy this novel takes us through the most awkward part of the overall story. The characters have been introduced and the conflict/plot established in the first book. You have been introduced to this new and different world where every discovery is exciting, and are left with the anticipation of what will happen next! How will it end?!

A middle book doesn’t really satisfy that curiosity.

While Crossed takes you deeper into the story and masterfully develops and evolves the Cassie and Ky characters it, as mid-trilogy books are forced to do, take you across a bridge and leave you at the far end long before you reach your final destination.

In Crossed Ky and Cass are doing all they can to find each other, literally crossing vast chasms of physical and emotional space to be together again. It is heart wrenching to experience through Cass the realization of non-Society existence; death and freedom. It’s inspiring to watch Ky regain his ability to hope for something, anything, better.

To call the end anticlimactic is to not understand that last words of Crossed are not an ending, but rather the beginning of the end of the world as Cass and Ky know it, and I anticipate that to be quite climactic indeed.